Perianal Warts – Stubborn Warts in Sensitive Area of a Body!

Perianal WartsPerianal warts are small raised clusters of rough skin located around the anus area of a person infected by a human papillomavirus. Perianal warts are a type of genital warts that can be seen in both females and males in various areas of genitalia. In males, genital warts can be found around the penis tip and shaft, perianal area and scrotum. In females, vagina warts are very common along with perianal warts inside or around the anus opening. In very rare instances, a patient might develop oral warts after performing oral sex on a HPV virus carrier.

A person who is a human papillomavirus virus carrier can spread the disease even when genital and perianal warts are not present.

Getting rid of genital warts is a very complicated matter that in most cases brings only temporary results, and in 70% of cases following genital warts treatment, they come back within 6 months to a year time frame. Unfortunately, today there’s no lifetime cure for perianal warts, since human papillomavirus remains in the body and may cause multiple recurrences of this illness.

Genital warts treatment mainly focuses on addressing the symptoms of the condition, mainly the warts themselves. The sensitivity of the perianal area dictates the use of milder solutions for their removal. Surgical methods along with cryotherapy for perianal warts removal are considered much more effective than topical acid applications.

Since perianal warts are highly contagious, care should be taken to use separate towels, bedding and accessories from other members of the family to avoid spreading perianal warts. Avoid manually picking on the warts in hopes of getting rid of genital warts because it can cause bleeding and secondary infection.

Home remedies for wart removal use natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, garlic juice or vitamin E. Try various home remedies for wart removal to see which one will work for you. Some people swear by tea tree oil for genital warts due to its miraculous properties, apply tea tree oil carefully using a cotton swab to the perianal warts only avoiding the skin around.