Pernicious Anemia Causes – What Are They?

Pernicious Anemia CausesWhen a person is unable to consume enough vitamin b-12, he or she can become pernicious anemic. Some pernicious anemia causes are autoimmune disorders or a medical family history of the disorder. In other words, if your parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles or siblings are or were vitamin b-12 deficient, you may be as well.

This deficiency, if left untreated stops your stomach from absorbing vitamin B-12 and producing a normal amount of healthy red blood cells. Most patients report side effects such as tired and listing most of the day, which makes them unable to perform regular everyday tasks without extreme difficulty.

A visit your doctor is the only real way to know for sure if you have this condition. Your doctor will order a blood test to confirm and evaluate to what degree. Depending on the severity, you may be recommended to take a shot of b-12. A recommendation of changing your regular eating plant to include an anemia diet will also be suggested. Changing your eating habits may take the process longer, but the overall benefits outweigh the negatives sometimes associated with injection based therapy.

Besides being tired, lethargic, constipated or suffering with diarrhea, you also damage your autoimmune system. Some patients also experience signs of being anemic that include neurological symptoms like, confusion, being off balanced, depression or numbness in the limbs. Your stomach will produce an excess amount antibodies that attack the cells in your stomach. It also leaves your body weak and open to other germs or infections that your immune system just won’t be able to fight off.

Understanding how pernicious anemia causes your body to malfunction will help you to be better prepared for all of these potentially harmful reactions. Get a handle on your vitamin b 12 deficiency by consuming foods such as shellfish, liver, beef, cheese and eggs. There is a good amount of vitamin b 12 in food items such as these.

Pernicious anemia causes much more than a decrease of red blood cells. If you make a concerted effort to include more vitamin b-12 in your diet, it will help tremendously. Although you cannot expect to begin regaining strength immediately, you can stave off the more serious neurological side effects that occur. Know what all of the pernicious anemia causes are so that you can immediately alert your physician of the signs.