Pituitary Microadenoma Surgery Recovery Guide

Pituitary MicroadenomaA pituitary microadenoma is a benign tumor located in the pituitary gland, and one out of every one thousand people would develop one of these tumors at some point. These tumors have a diameter that is less than one centimeter, and most tumors in the pituitary gland are surgically removed. This is also true with a pituitary macroadenoma, which is the tumor that has a size larger than one centimeter. What can you expect after this type of surgery, and what will your recovery be like? With advances that have been made in surgical techniques and a number of different approaches available, this type of surgery can be done with a minimal recovery time and no scarring.

One of the latest surgical methods used to remove a pituitary microadenoma, or to perform certain other types of pituitary gland surgery, is to reach the pituitary gland through the nasal cavity and sinuses instead of traditional surgical methods. This technique is minimally invasive and does not leave any scars, and the recovery time is very rapid. In some cases other methods may be required which are more invasive, and when this occurs the recovery time may take longer because of more extensive tissue damage and healing required. Once the pituitary microadenoma surgery is complete you will be taken to the recovery room, where you will be watched over and monitored until you regain consciousness.

After surgery for the pituitary microadenoma you may feel somewhat fuzzy and disoriented, and there may be some discomfort. During the recovery process you may experience headaches, and these may also be caused by a pituitary cyst or tumor that has not been removed. Your doctor will advise you on any symptoms that should be reported immediately, such as large amounts of bleeding from the nasal passage and other signs of complications. You will also need to rest during your recovery from the pituitary microadenoma removal, so that your body can heal the tissues at the site of the surgery. With minimally invasive surgical procedures recovery time can be as little as a few days, but for some expensive procedures you may need a week or longer to recover.