Plantar Fasciitis Surgery – When Is It Recommended?

Plantar Fasciitis SurgeryPlantar fasciitis surgery does not become a viable option until treatments such as stretches, taping, rest and night splints have proven completely unsuccessful. Most times, patients find the pain associated with plantar fasciitis is almost unbearable in the early morning hours, but the discomfort tends to dissipate over the next few hours. Back of heel pain can be exasperated if you maintain a physically rigorous daily routine that calls for lots of walking, climbing and running.

According to medical experts, plantar fasciitis surgery is performed on a very small fraction of patients that have this condition. This is because there are better plantar fasciitis treatment methods available for a much lower cost. Additionally, it would be impractical to perform surgery on all those with plantar fasciitis because of the sheer volume of cases.

Plantar fasciitis surgery may be recommended if the muscles underneath of the heel bone are actually torn, ripped or damaged in some way. There would be little change that a patient could find heel pain relief if left untreated. Athletes and others that have had repeated injuries may also make good candidates for the surgical procedure. Lastly, people with bone deformities may also need to go under the knife.

Because this condition causes patients a lot of pain, plantar fasciitis exercises may or may not be helpful. If you cannot stand to have your foot exercised, stretched, massaged or manipulated in any way, you may be better off using heating pads and ice packs instead. While it may not feel like you are getting any better over time, doctors agree that it takes the average patient no more than three to four months to fully recover.

Anyone that has been dealing with pain in the heel area for more than six months may want to have plantar fasciitis surgery performed. However, this will only happen if you have used night splints, taped the heel of your foot and rested for a few days at a time. Sometimes doing absolutely nothing can cure plantar fasciitis, but this does not mean that the condition will not come back in time.