Plantar Wart Removal: Top 5 Popular Methods!

Plantar Wart RemovalAlthough the virus that causes warts is non life threatening, most afflicted with this disorder want to learn about plantar wart removal right away. Plantar warts are almost always restricted to the foot, which sometimes makes them kind of difficult to see. Plantar warts do not cause people discomfort or pain, unless the area is irritating because of a cut or an abrasion. The good news is that you can get rid of your plantar warts in as little as a few days by following this list of the five most popular removal methods.

1. Over the counter topical treatments – Wart removal pads with special medicines can be used to gradually remove plantar warts. These treatments are not to be confused with foot warts duct tape, which is a home-based remedy based more on folklore than on science.

2. Freezing – You can get kits that will help with plantar wart removal at almost any drug store. There will be a can that sprays a solution, which will freeze the wart. Although this method is similar to a technique used by doctors, realize that it is also fairly easy to freeze others areas of the skin. For this reason, you need to be very careful when freezing warts off yourself.

3. Salicylic acid – This mild acid can be purchased over the Internet or in stores to aid you with plantar wart removal. You should dilute your salicylic acid so that it does not accidentally burn you, but you can be rid of all of your plantar warts within three to four applications.

4. Laser wart removal – When experiencing more serious versions of plantar warts, especially mosaic warts, more serious action must be taken. Removing warts with a laser is much more expensive than other treatment methods; however, it is one of the most reliable treatments available right now.

5. Cantharidin treatments – If none of the other less invasive treatment methods work, your doctor may need to use cantharidin to get rid of your warts. The HPV virus in men and women is the root case of plantar warts, so it makes sense that different people may react to the virus in many different ways. This may not be an ideal way to approach plantar wart removal, but it is regarded as being safe and very reliable.