Pollen Allergy Symptoms in Children vs Adults

Pollen Allergy SymptomsPollen allergy symptoms in adults and children are quite similar. Usually occurring in the fall and the spring when flowers bloom and die, excessive amounts of pollen in the air can trigger an outbreak of seasonal allergy symptoms. Typically, allergy symptom sufferers have trouble breathing through the nose as their bodies produce extra mucus. This mucus is created in response to the onslaught of pollen. Think of it as the human body’s way of keeping pollen out.

Whether they occur in kids or adults, pollen allergy symptoms can be severe or mild, fleeting or lasting for weeks on end. The most common symptoms of seasonal allergy and dust mite allergy include; uncontrollable sneezing, itchy throat, watery eyes and runny nose. Children may appear to sick with the flu or the cold as they are not usually able to verbalize what is bothering them. Adults, on the other hand, typically know when they have pollen allergy symptoms versus having the cold.

Young children that are unable to blow their noses on their own can have the worst symptoms of all. These kids can quickly become very congested, up to the point where they require hospitalization. If you have had any of these pollen allergy symptoms, you can have an allergy test performed. This test will determine if you have seasonal allergies, if you are allergic to pollen or if you have an allergy to some type of food.

In addition to natural allergy remedies, there are literally dozens of over the counter medications that can be taken to eliminate them at the source. Of course, you will still be allergic to pollen, but at least you will be able to go on with your life without hacking and sneezing all the time. To some, Nasonex side effects are so undesirable that they would rather go without medication than feel tired and groggy.

An allergy to pollen or pet dander can have you feeling sluggish at certain times of the year. Keeping the windows in your home closed will help to an extent, but you will not be able to avoid pollen altogether unless you become a recluse. Use natural cures or get a prescription to combat this condition.