Poor Circulation in Hands and Feet: Natural Remedies

Poor Circulation in Hands and FeetPoor circulation in hands and feet does not only affect your extremities but it’s merely a symptom of much more serious disorders enveloping your whole body. Traditional medicine is focused on merely managing the symptoms of the condition and not the underlying reasons. Very often medicated approaches and invasive surgery causes unwanted side effects in a patient’s health and never fully cures the underlying reasons of poor circulaton in hands and feet.

Poor circulation in feet means the blood is not able to properly circulate back and forth from arteries into veins and vise versa supplying our major organs and systems. This can not be left unnoticed by you and is manifested by tingling hands and fingers, feet numbness and other health ailments as a way of your body trying to tell you that something is definitely wrong and needs your attention.

Identifying the exact causes of your poor circulation in hands and feet is a number one priority on the way to increase blood circulation and can not be accomplished without the help of your doctor or a natural health care practitioner. You will be carefully examined and tested for a myriad of diseases and disorders like hypertension, diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, thyroid and nerve dysfunction. You diet and lifestyle will also be evaluated to make necessary modifications to help you with your poor circulation in hands and feet.

Some problems with poor circulation in hands might be caused by a herniated disc or a pinched nerve in your neck or shoulder area, or a carpal tunnel syndrome if you job or activities require you to engage in repetitive motions. A set of specially developed exercises chosen by your physical therapist might help you address your tingling and numbness associated with this syndrome.

Holistic medicine offers an array of methods to elevate poor circulation in hands and feet ranging from specially selected stretching and lengthening exercises to relieve tension and inflammation to employing acupressure as Dr. Kim Ben suggests to facilitate healthy blood and lymphatic flow throughout the body. http://drbenkim.com/acupressure-blood-circulation-legs-feet.html

Finding the right sleeping position is often an overlooked factor, which greatly contributes to poor circulation in hands and feet. Dr. Mercola explains that the best sleeping position is on the back as it is ideally suited to continuously supply organs and tissues with freshly oxygenated blood. If you are not a fan of back sleeping, side sleeping position is second best. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/05/11/which-sleep-position-is-healthiest.aspx

Healthy diet is a corner stone of any holistic approach to treat poor circulation problems. Eating a variety of fresh ingredients preferably organic raw fruits and vegetables, wild caught cold water fish, whole grains and plenty of water. Another natural health care practitioner Dr. Weil suggests patients affected by inflammatory conditions try our his anti-inflammatory diet focused on eliminating common food allergens, unhealthy fats and processed ingredients to fight not only circulatory problems but many other conditions. http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART02012/anti-inflammatory-diet

Some herbal supplements have been shown to help with poor circulation in hands and feet like garlic, cayenne pepper, ginger, Gotu Kola and Ginkgo Biloba according to Live Strong. http://www.livestrong.com/article/318569-top-supplements-for-poor-blood-circulation/

Avoid long periods of sitting or standing by changing positions, walking around or doing small hand or feet rotations if you are limited in space during long commutes to combat poor circulation in hands and feet. Limit alcohol and smoking, two absolute worst culprits in constricting blood vessels and impairing circulation in hands and feet.