Port Wine Stains Birthmarks Review

Port Wine StainsPort wine stains are birthmarks, and three out of every one thousand babies born will have these types of newborn birthmarks. This birthmark may also be called a nevus flammeus, and they are present at birth and do not develop in older children and adults. Port wine marks are a type of vascular birthmarks, and they can range in size from small and barely visible to extensive and enormous. Port wine stains will be flat, and they will have a color which can vary from light pink to dark purple, as well as any shade in between. These birthmarks appear most often on the facial area, arms, legs, and neck, but they can appear in other places as well. These spots will actually grow with the child proportionally, so that they do not get smaller over time.

As time goes by port wine stains may thicken, and you may notice small ridges and bumps which can form on the birthmark. Unlike a cafe au lait birthmark, which is usually not disfiguring and may not need to be removed, many port wine marks will need to be removed for cosmetic reasons. This may be done to minimize the emotional and social complications that port wine stains often cause. Unless they are removed these birthmarks are permanent, and will not lighten or get smaller over time.

These birthmarks can involve certain medical complications as well. Seizures and glaucoma can result if the mark is in certain areas of the face near the eyes and forehead, and in certain rare cases port wine stains can cause abnormal growth in the tissues which surround the birthmark. These spots are disfiguring, and can have a big impact on the self esteem and confidence of a child even if there are no medical complications caused. For this reason most pediatricians and dermatologists recommend birthmark removal or cover up products in almost all cases. There are many makeups created to help camouflage these types of birthmarks very effectively.