Post Mastectomy Exercises – How to Start a New Fit Life?

Post Mastectomy ExercisesPost mastectomy exercises are an important step in your mastectomy recovery, and these exercises can be used as a stepping stone to a fit new life and lifestyle. Recovering and working towards better health after your mastectomy, whether you have chosen to have the surgery because of a high risk of breast cancer or you needed double mastectomy surgery because cancerous tumors were found, can play an important role in your mental and physical well being. Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy or they may just give you literature and instructions on which exercises to do and how often they should be performed.

One of the most important reasons that post mastectomy exercises are recommended is that the surgery and muscle removal means you will need to build up the remaining muscles and strength in this area. This is true whether you decide on breast reconstruction implants or not. The most common procedure is for you to go to physical therapy, and the therapist will help you with the post mastectomy exercises to ensure that the proper muscles are being stretched and strength. These exercises can also help eliminate any stiffness and soreness that you may feel in your arm and chest from the mastectomy procedure.

One consideration before you start any post mastectomy exercises is that all of the surgical drains should be removed, and you should no longer have any stitches which can be busted open. Wait until your surgeon gives the okay, and you should never perform any strenuous or vigorous activity in the first few weeks following your procedure. Whether you have had elective mastectomy or you had no choice because of health reasons, it is important that specific exercises are done after the procedure so that you make a successful recovery and move on to a fit new life as a survivor. Post mastectomy exercises are designed to be gentle yet effective, so they offer maximum muscle benefits while minimizing any damage done and strain involved in the process.