Post Nasal Drip Treatment: Pros and Cons

Post Nasal Drip TreatmentPost nasal drip treatment should start with a careful doctor evaluation on what exactly is responsible for your symptoms, as post nasal drip can have various causes in their nature. Most common symptoms of post nasal drip are mucus collection in the back of the throat or continuous drip of the nasal fluids down the throat that most often causes cough, throat irritation, bad breath and inflammation of the tonsils.

Once your doctor establishes the nature of your symptoms, you can start discussing post nasal drip cure and what home remedies for sinus infection you can implement. Most post nasal drip symptoms are associated with acute or chronic sinus infections that are triggered by bacteria, viruses, fungi, environmental allergens and toxic agents.

Post nasal drip treatment for allergenic sinus infection should include antihistamine and anti-inflammatory medications that will help control your body’s allergenic response. Most people with strong allergic reactions have underlying chronic inflammation in the body due to improper diet and lifestyle. Everyday consumption of high levels of sugar, dairy products and wheat makes your body highly susceptible to allergens. Keeping your diet under control, installing a high quality air filtration system in your home can become a great addition for your doctor prescribed post nasal drip treatment.

Post nasal drip treatment for a chronic bacterial sinus infection will consist of a course of antibiotics to help your body fight bacteria, decongestant and anti-inflammatory medications to bring down the swelling in nasal tissues and help relieve sinus pressure. Chronic sinus infection treatment will be successful if a person addresses his diet and eliminates foods that might create a very hospitable environment for bacteria to grow and feed off like sugar, white bread, pasta, rice, pasteurized dairy products.

Post nasal drip treatment for a fungal sinus infection will include anti-fungal medication and elimination of fungus contamination sources in your surroundings.

Talk to your doctor about a nasal polyps treatment that might ease your sinus drainage and help eliminate bacterial growth before it starts.

Sadly, any post nasal drip treatment provides a temporary effect until an underlying cause for the disease is eliminated and measures are taken to strengthen immune system. Check out our other articles on non-medicated home remedies for sinus infection.