Postpartum Depression Treatment With and Without Medications

Postpartum Depression TreatmentBelieve it or not, postpartum depression is pretty common. While the abundant joy of welcoming a new baby into the world is wonderful, sometimes the mental anguish that comes with it can be debilitating. This feeling can last for weeks or months and can be treated with medication, counseling, and lifestyle changes. Coping with depression doesn’t have to be something you need to do on your own, and you will need a good, strong support system to help you through. Postpartum depression treatment is multi faceted, and without all the pieces coming together, you could be in for an uphill climb. Attacking anxiety and depression head on is the best way to rid yourself of the baby blues.

Talk to your doctor about antidepressants. They are commonly used for postpartum depression treatment, and although they enter the breast milk, most are associated with little risk while you are nursing. If your doctor prescribes medication for you, it’s important to take it as prescribed and for as long as recommended. Your doctor will help you to weigh the risks associated with taking antidepressants.

In conjunction with medical intervention, make sure that your lifestyle is conducive to promoting wellness. The sleep deprivation depression link cannot be stressed enough, and while having a newborn may make for many sleepless nights, work with your partner and helping hands to ensure that you are getting enough winks overnight. Postpartum depression treatment is nearly impossible without you taking care of yourself inside and out. Taking care of yourself also includes making sure that you are allowing for enough “you” time, and not making yourself crazy trying to take on too much or not ask for help when you need it. Additionally, make sure that your diet is working in your favor and not against you. High fat and high sugar foods might make you feel great when you’re horking them down, but long term, they will do little to benefit your mind, body or soul.

Natural depression remedies including St. John’s Wort and Omega 3 fatty acids can help boost your mood and are readily available. However, it’s important to discuss any supplements or vitamins that you are taking with your health care provider, especially if you are taking antidepressants to ensure that you are not taking anything that might interfere with your medications.

Postpartum depression treatment is a combination of many things all working together to help you in time have a more positive outlook and ability to look at each day in a new way. Combining counseling, medication, and lifestyle changes, you will be well on your way to feeling like your old self, which is a great thing because you now have someone very small who is going to demand a lot of the new you!