Prado Electronic Cigarette – Is It As Good As Advertised?

Prado Electronic CigaretteThere are many popular E-cigarette brands such as Prado electronic cigarette brand on the market today and choosing the right brand can be a bit of a challenge. Prado’s disposable electronic cigarette has good reviews, but is it as good as advertised?

Many consumers seem to find the Prado electronic cigarette satisfying. Some report that they don’t crave the real cigarette anymore. Also, the brand offers good tobacco flavoring. This brand currently also offer 14 day free trial plan, which can be very alluring to the consumer. This could be a good offer to a customer who is hesitant to try E-cigarette starter kits due to their cost. Many do report being satisfied with the product and continue using the E-cigs after the trial period.

However, people do have strong complaints about the trial offer, some going as far as calling the brand a scam. One of the biggest complaints is that the shipping time (takes a lot of time) is also included in the trial period. Many report being billed for shipping and the full amount and think the offer is very misleading. The brand, according to many, also has poor customer service. As for the quality of Prado electronic cigarette, a few report having a problem with the strength of the draw decreasing after the first few draws on a new cartridge.

General voting of people regarding Prado electronic cigarette quality is positive, but there are also many complaints. The brand offers good quality and affordable prices. However, there are many other top brands such as Premium electronic cigarette brand which has more positive reviews than Prado.

Quitting smoking is the best thing to do. But you will be faced with nicotine withdrawal timeline side effects. If you are having a hard time quitting the real cigarettes, E-cigarettes can be a good option. Be sure to purchase only the best electronic cigarettes to avoid exposing yourself to low quality toxic chemicals.