Prawns Cholesterol: Good or Bad for Me?

Prawns CholesterolPrawns along with other types of shellfish have long been villainized as foods to avoid with high cholesterol. This myth has been cultivated due to a high cholesterol epidemic in America with its fast food chains sprouting around every corner of every city.

Prawns cholesterol is not bad for you as a human body can not fully absorb the fats from this shellfish and prawns cholesterol, in its turn, does not raise your own cholesterol levels. Rest assured that prawns cholesterol should not be on your foods to avoid list and could be savored with pleasure. Shellfish contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins essential for your immune system.

If you are concerned about your high levels of cholesterol try consuming more foods that lower cholesterol levels naturally. Enrich your diet with good cholesterol foods like olive oil, avocados, flex seeds, cod liver oil supplements, fresh organic vegetables and fiber-rich beans and lentils. Keep your liver healthy by not consuming a lot of heavily processed foods, snacks and frozen entrees that can put too much toxins in your body and prevent your liver from processing fats correctly.

People in Japan and in the Mediterranean coastal countries have enjoyed a diet rich in prawns cholesterol for generations and are known for their longevity.

Do not deny yourself of the seafood goodness and benefits due to prawns cholesterol hoax.