Pregnancy and Acne – Do I Need Any Treatment?

pregnancy and acnePregnancy causes a tremendous amount of change within the hormonal output of the body. And, also during this sensitive time, the body is also undergoing a whole lot of change, and few of these changes are positive.

Weight is gained, fatigue becomes more apparent and, even the texture of the hair and nails can all change during gestation. Pregnancy and acne are also related as many women find that their skin returns to the days of adolescence, prompting pimples and pustules to appear randomly during their nine month waiting period. One of the problems for women facing pregnancy and acne is the use of medications and treatments that may introduce harmful substances to the body that are less than desirable. While many women may favor Proactiv acne treatment for skin management, some may not wish to use it while pregnant. Luckily, there are many acne home treatment options for women who are pregnant and would like to treat their temporary skin condition.

Some find that devices that produce light or heat are effective treatment choices for women facing pregnancy and acne together. These products don’t use harsh cleansers or chemicals are work externally to zap pimples with either light, heat, vibrations, or a combination of all three. The problem with these devices is that they can be expensive and therefore may not be practical for women experiencing pregnancy and acne if pimples are not something they had to deal with pre-pregnancy. For those that are not interested in using products touted to be the best over the counter acne treatment, there are other interesting remedies that can be considered. Toothpaste for instance, contains many of the same ingredients as some of the cleansers and creams available at the drug store, although in smaller amounts. Toothpaste can be effective at drying up pimples fast and can be a great on the spot remedy for particularly nasty pimples for those wishing not employ a full facial regimen.

Remember also that pregnancy can lead to diet dilemmas as cravings and a strong desire to eat in abundance is common in expecting women, thus the phrase “eating for two.” The problem with this and how it relates to pregnancy and acne is that some foods are more likely than others to bring on skin problems, and, when combined with fluctuating hormones, can create a recipe for disaster on skin surfaces. Consider changing your diet to avoid greasy, fried foods and chocolate (if you can resist) to eliminate consumables that might not only be plumping up your waistline, but also causing acne.

If skin dilemmas are not something that you commonly experience, dealing with pregnancy and acne at the same time can be very stressful (which can actually lead to MORE acne.) Whether or not you choose to treat it will depend on how much it is affecting your quality of life. If it’s causing you to have confidence issues or make you feel less attractive, you should consider a safe pregnancy acne treatment, one best advised by your doctor. However, if your acne is not bothering you, remember that if it’s a result of hormonal changes that it will likely resolve soon after your new bundle of joy arrives, at a time when you will be too busy staring at your new baby to even notice what’s going on with your face.