Pregnancy and Cloudy Urine – What Is The Connection?

Pregnancy and Cloudy UrineThere are many possible causes of pregnancy and cloudy urine, most of which are treatable without danger to the mother or unborn child. Cloudy urine causes may stem from a certain food. Consuming an excessive amount of dairy or a hefty meal at bedtime is a common cause of cloudy urine the next morning. This is due to phosphate crystals building up in the system of expectant mother. Most often, such symptoms disappear after urinating upon waking. Cloudy urine symptoms may also be a result of certain medications, hormonal changes, or vaginal discharge.

With pregnancy and cloudy urine, there are times when cloudy urine becomes more serious to the mother and unborn child. While cloudy urine due to food or drink consumption simply disappears without any further problems after the first urination of the day, cloudy urine when accompanied with urinary frequency or urge incontinence may present a more serious diagnosis. Such symptoms are often associated with urinary tract infections. A foul odor with urination is a sign that an infection is present. As with any individual, pregnancy and cloudy urine due to infection may be a result of puss in the urine, or pylonephritis. This is a condition which may also be accompanied with abdominal discomfort.

The cause of cloudy urine and diabetes will most likely stem from other underlying conditions, one of which may include excess protein excreted from the kidneys. This is a condition called proteinuria and is caused by hypertension or various renal issues. When proteinuria is associated with pregnancy and cloudy urine, this could result in preeclampsia, a more serious condition for the expectant mother. When preeclampsia is not controlled, sufficient blood flow to the placenta is inhibited. Placental abruption, or the placenta breaking free from the uterine wall before delivery may occur.

For whatever the reason pregnancy and cloudy urine become an issue for an expectant mother, the best way to prevent further complications is to be in tune with body changes and express all concerns with the physician. While some conditions present danger to a pregnant woman, most are preventable with proper treatment.