PRK vs LASIK – When Each Procedure Is Recommended?

PRK vs LASIKPeople that want to see better may want to weigh the differences between PRK vs LASIK. Although both of these corrective eye procedures are executed with similar tools and techniques, there are some major differences between PRK and LASIK surgery. The introduction of PRK laser eye surgery actually predates LASIK. However, LASIK is much better known simply because it can be used on a wide range of patients.

An excimer laser is used in both procedures, but a complete piece of the cornea is removed during PRK. PRK, or Photorefractive Keratectomy, is highly accurate, but patients take much longer to fully regain vision. They also have to take more precautions during the recovery period in order to ensure that the results are as good as possible. This is one of the many considerations that patients comparing PRK vs LASIK have to take into account.

By contrast, LASIK eye surgery is much faster and simpler. Patients can get up and start moving around virtually uninhibited soon after LASIK. Additionally, a small piece of cornea is kept intact so that the healing process can take place more rapidly. When you compare PRK vs LASIK price, many patients feel that LASIK provides a better value.

All patients ask themselves, am I a LASIK candidate at one point or another. When all of these laser eye surgery facts are laid out, the general consensus is that LASIK is the best option for most patients. However, PRK is more likely to be used when a patient has a severe degree of farsightedness. Some patients with unusual cornea depths are also better candidates for PRK.

Factors such as equipment accessibility and surgical skill may also play a role in whether or not a patient is operated on using the LASIK or PRK corrective eye surgery technique. In the end, both patients and doctors must work together to decide between PRK vs LASIK surgery. Even if you have your own personal preferences, it may not be possible for you to get your first choice in corrective eye surgery. If you don’t mind a longer recovery time and you want to save a little more money, PRK may be best.