Psychological Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men Treatment

Psychological Erectile DysfunctionIt’s uncommon for men under 40 to have problems in the bedroom, however, it happens. Oftentimes, cases of erectile dysfunction in young men are often related to psychological issues, rather than physical. That’s not to say that vascular conditions and health problems can’t be causes of male impotence, but for young men, psychological erectile dysfunction is often the cause of penile trouble.

So what are some of the things that can cause psychological erectile dysfunction? Anything really! Perhaps a divorce, a death in the family, or financial troubles are to blame. No matter the source of your psychological trauma, it could be a definite factor in why bedroom time is becoming frustrating.

When it comes to treating psychological erectile dysfunction, most doctors tend to not prefer medical treatment or male hormone replacement therapy. Drugs like Viagra can have some interesting consequences including erections lasting long after a sexual encounter; although Viagra is still the most widely recognized of the medical erectile dysfunction remedies available. To really treat psychological erectile dysfunction, most doctors recommend a heaping helping of lifestyle changes, even above and beyond dealing and coping with the mental trauma that is causing your physical anguish.

For instance, quitting smoking could be hugely beneficial to not only our general health, but a lack of bounce in the bedroom as well. Exercise can also yield boner benefits because it increases overall health, and is a phenomenal stress reliever. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol could also be helpful. Additionally, the value of getting enough sleep cannot be understated. Under rested individuals are likely to be more stressed and anxious, so ensuring that you’re getting enough sleep can kill many birds with one stone.

If lifestyle changes aren’t enough to combat your flaccidity, talk to your doctor. He or she will help to determine the root causes of your condition and offer combinations of solutions to help get you back on track. Remember that this condition is all about you, and if there are no underlying medical conditions contributing to your plight, you have the power to change your bedroom blunders.