Puffiness Under Eyes When Smiling – Why Does It Happen?

Puffiness Under EyesPuffiness under eyes can have many causes, but when this occurs when you smile, it can simply mean you are gracefully aging. As you grow older, the skin around your eyes begins to lose elasticity and small wrinkles appear. When you smile, the loose skin becomes more apparent.

Your bags under eyes causes can also be hereditary so pay close attention to your family members; they may be the key to your issue. Some people can begin to see signs of puffiness and bags beginning in their 20s. Review some photos you took a few years ago to see if you detect any signs swelling under your bottom lids.

Puffiness under eyes when you smile is very gradual. Chances are if you are just noticing this problem, it has been lurking for some time. But, if you are still relatively young and you notice puffiness under eyes when you smile, the problem may be serious.

Sometimes, swelling and puffiness is the result of a medical condition, such as kidney disease or hyperthyroidism. Puffiness under eyes is a common symptom that people suffer from when the kidneys are compromised and cannot process enough fluid. Swelling can occur all over the body, especially where there is loose skin and fatty tissue. This makes the eyes the ideal place for excess fluid to accumulate.

The thyroid gland is responsible for releasing hormones, when it malfunctions and produces too much, you can start to feel symptoms of hyperthyroidism. This condition can cause eyes to bulge and appear larger than their sockets. The lids are stretched and sag or droop.

Your doctor can provide you with a proper diagnosis and depending on the findings recommend the proper course of treatment. Sometimes, you can use home remedies for bags under eyes, like cool gel-filled packs. You can also try using green tea bags. Other types of non surgical eye bag removal treatment, like anti-aging creams and lotions are also available. Not all conditions require surgery.

If you do elect surgery, make sure you work with a reputable plastic surgeon who has performed numerous procedures. During your consultation, the plastic surgeon should provide you with a complete examination and advise you of the process.

You now have some information about why your eyes can appear puffy when you smile. While the reasons may vary, you can use this knowledge to address your issue and seek the proper treatment. No matter what your options are, remember, the final choice is up to you.

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