Quitting Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking and Erectile DysfunctionThe link between smoking and erectile dysfunction is one that is scientifically proven. Smoking has a number of physical effects on the body, and many of these can cause erectile dysfunction and impotence. Studies have shown that the higher the number of cigarettes smoked per day was, the higher the risk of erectile dysfunction in young men and old alike was. When diabetes is thrown into the equation then the risks of ED were even higher.

High blood pressure is also a consideration with smoking and erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure causes damage to the veins and arteries, and affects the blood supply to the penis. The same is true of smoking, and the more a male smokes the higher the risk of ED is. In one study by the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, men who had high blood pressure and smoked were much more likely to experience erectile dysfunction, by 26 times as much. One of the side effects of quitting smoking is stronger erections which last longer.

Smoking is one of the most common causes of male impotence, especially as men age. Smoking and erectile dysfunction often occur together, and as men age the effects of smoking become more severe. Smoking makes it difficult to achieve an erection, and also to maintain the erection once it is achieved. Blood vessels shrink and do not carry as much blood, so there is an insufficient supply of blood to the penis to make an erection strong.

If erectile dysfunction is a problem then the benefits of giving up smoking can help with this issue. Within a month or two of stopping blood flow is improved and more blood is supplied to the penis. Men who smoke have a much higher risk of impotence at least occasionally, and often this problem occurs more frequently over time if the smoking is not stopped. The connection between smoking and erectile dysfunction is a proven fact backed by medical science, and men who want to have healthy sex lives should avoid tobacco use in all forms.