Raspberry Leaf Tea Pregnancy Uses – When and How Much?

Raspberry Leaf Tea PregnancyWith raspberry leaf tea pregnancy symptoms can be managed more easily. One symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness. Most women will begin to feel better by the time they begin the second trimester, but others continue to feel nauseous and vomit throughout their pregnancy. Raspberry leaf tea can be consumed on a daily basis to help alleviate this symptom of pregnancy.

As far as frequency goes, you can drink raspberry leaf herbal tea a few times a day. One serving is equivalent to a single teacup, so make sure that you are not accidentally ingesting too much. When using raspberry leaf tea to induce labor, a larger dose will be necessary. This is why you need to be under the care of a midwife or doctor before you attempt to use raspberry leaf or clary sage oil to induce labor.

Another raspberry leaf tea pregnancy use is uterine toning. If you have ever had a miscarriage or had have previous difficult pregnancies, it may be because your uterine walls are not very strong. Raspberry leaf tea side effects include uterus strengthening. It will take some time before your uterus gains strength, but it can occur if you drink raspberry leaf herb tea regularly.

Overall, raspberry leaf tea pregnancy signs and side effects are positive for expectant women. You should only drink an amount of raspberry leaf herbal tea that is advised by your physician in order to avoid accidental labor induction. You may be able to increase your dosage slightly if you build up a tolerance to this herb.

Consider taking other forms of raspberry leaf if you find the tea to be intolerable. While it should help your morning sickness and nausea, it has been shown to exasperate the issue in some women. Raspberry leaf herb tea can be consumed as soon as you find out that you are pregnant, and you can continue to drink it through your third trimester. If you are a big fan of herbal teas, think about drinking a generic brand in between cups of raspberry leaf so that you are sure to stay well within the dosing guidelines.