Raspberry Leaf Tea Side Effects – Are There Any?

Raspberry Leaf Tea Side EffectsOne of the main raspberry leaf tea side effects is the fact that it can cause a pregnant woman to go into labor if she has consumed a large enough amount. Beyond labor induction there isn’t much conclusive evidence of other raspberry leaf tea side effects. However, raspberry leaf tea is known to cause users to produce more of the female hormone named estrogen. In men, having a large amount of this hormone causes feminine attributes such as breast growth, less body hair and a higher voice to occur.

It is unlikely that raspberry leaf herbal tea would cause males to appear overly feminine, but it is suggested that they consume only a moderate amount. Men that already produce an excess amount of estrogen should be weary of these raspberry leaf tea side effects. With that said, there are plenty of raspberry leaf tea benefits that you should also be aware of. When the dosing instructions are followed, you can expect to feel more balanced and have a surplus of energy.

Those that want to utilize raspberry leaf tea to induce labor should practice caution. Your doctor will want you to be in a medical setting in order to monitor your progress while drinking raspberry leaf herb tea. There is also a possibility that raspberry leaf herbs will not work to induce labor.

Although this is an exhaustive list of raspberry leaf tea side effects, it is possible to experience a side effect that is not listed. Every individual is different, and existing medical issues can cause other side effects to occur when a prescription drug is taken in conjunction with an herb. For example, people with kidney disorders are not usually able to drink any kind of herbal tea. This is because their kidneys are not able to filter properly, and many of the vitamins and minerals in herbs won’t be flushed out in the urine.

If you are a healthy man or a woman who is not pregnant, you probably won’t have any side effects associated with raspberry leaf. Do talk to your doctor if you do start to feel differently while using this herb.