Reclast Infusion Side Effects

Reclast InfusionReclast infusion medication is prescribed to patients with post menopausal osteoporosis in the attempt to build stronger bones and prevent catastrophic bone fractions incidents. Reclast infusion belongs to the group of bisphosphonate therapy drugs working by destroying a group of bone cells called osteoclasts, which play an important role in a natural process of bone regeneration. The remaining group of bone cells called osteoblasts make the bone tissue much denser but not necessarily stronger which places osteoporosis infusion therapy in the center of multiple debates and discussions on the effectiveness of such treatment.

On the contrary, some health experts believe that denser bones are actually much more susceptible to fractures and, the best treatment for osteoporosis naturally is prevention.

Reclast infusion drug comes with a laundry list of possible side effects as follows (just to name a few):

1. Joint pains were experienced by 24% of patients taking the reclast infusion
2. Fever, chills and headaches
3. Muscle and bone pains
4. Poor appetite, diarrhea, bloatedness, gas and indigestion
5. High blood pressure and heart palpitations incidents
6. Severe allergic reactions to the ingredients in the reclast infusion medication were seen in some patients.

The best strategies for warding off osteoporosis naturally is consuming a wide variety of green vegetables rich in minerals, vitamins, namely, vitamin K that works by cementing calcium in the bones. You can get large doses of vitamin K by consuming spinach, green salad leaves and collard greens. Another two important elements for preventing osteoporosis naturally are magnesium and potassium seen mostly in fresh and unrefined products like fruits and vegetables.

It’s also important for women with post menopausal osteoporosis to get enough sun exposure for proper vitamin D synthesis. Incorporating some light strength training exercising might help you make your bones stronger naturally.