Rectal Itching Is Annoying – How to Stop It?

Rectal ItchingRectal itching can be an annoyance, and if you suffer from this condition then finding ways to stop this problem can become a big priority. This condition can be caused by a number of different things, including external hemorrhoids, and there are some steps that you can take to make your rectal itching less annoying, and even eliminate it completely. Itching, burning, soreness, and discomfort in your rectal area are all signs that you need to treat the underlying problem to eliminate these symptoms.

The most important step to stop rectal itching is to keep the area clean and dry. Soap residue that is not completely removed can cause this problem to occur, or aggravate your situation if you have a medical problem like yeast infection itching or other conditions. Make sure you clean the area thoroughly with a soft cloth and water, and avoid any harsh scrubbing or products that can irritate or dry out the rectal tissue.

If you suffer from rectal itching this can be a symptom of a prolapsed hemorrhoid. Local anesthetic creams can help numb the area and get rid of itching, and soreness, and protectant creams may help irritation from starting when rectal itching occurs.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids itching then using an astringent such as witch hazel can cool and soothe the area, and vasoconstrictor drugs can shrink hemorrhoids and prevent this itching from starting in the first place. Corticosteroids can help with swelling and discomfort when you suffer from this problem, and chemicals called keratolytics can help dissolve surface tissue so that deeper tissue levels can be treated. Changes in your diet can eliminate any straining, and any infections found in the rectal area should be treated promptly.

Rectal itching can be annoying, but there are treatments that can help you get rid of it. If you suffer from this problem it is not usually dangerous, but rarely infections can result that can be serious and require medical treatment. Keeping the area clean and dry is the most important factor to preventing any itching and soreness in the rectal area.