Red Clover Tea – 5 Best Brands Recommended!

Red Clover TeaRed clover benefits are thought to include everything from cancer prevention to curing STD’s, however there is little actual evidence to support these claims. That doesn’t keep people from snatching up red clover tea left and right. If you have decided that you want to banish hot flashes with red clover menopause benefits or lower cholesterol with the tops of this flower, than you may just be on the hunt for a box of red clover tea. You will find many sources of natural healing products, but often your best bet is the local health food store or organic grocer. However, for some people, these resources are simply not local to them, and they need to turn instead to the internet to purchase their potables. If you are looking for the best brands to take advantage of all of the purported red clover herb uses that have been used in herbal medicine for centuries, than you’re in luck! We have put together a list of the 5 best brands of red clover tea to help make your shopping a little less difficult!

1. Alvita: A popular purveyor of all things herbal, Alvita offers this skin soothing and lymphatic supporting tea in a 30 bag pack from just over $10.00.

2. Botanic Choice Red Clover Blossom: Pick up a sack of this brewable concoction to enjoy red clover tea fertility benefits and hot flash relief.

3. Yogi Healthy Fasting: This red clover tea is combined with other natural ingredients to promote healthy cleansing and aid in weight loss.

4. Seelect Organic Tea: Pick up this organic product whether you’re looking to quell PMS symptoms or aid skin sores.

5. Swanson Certified Organic: Boasting a mild and subtle flavor while still delivering all of the potent presents that red clover has to offer, this organic product is a top pick!

Remember that all natural remedies carry a risk of side effects, and red clover tea side effects are worth noting before you try this product. Users have reported headaches, nausea and vaginal bleeding. There are some drug interactions and health interactions that are worth noting as well, so it’s important that you discuss any supplements you are considering taking with your health care provider before doing so.