Red Eye Symptoms – It Could Be Different Eye Diseases!

Red Eye SymptomsIf you are experiencing red eye symptoms, you may need to look a little harder in the mirror. Don’t just shrug your symptoms off as an allergy or dry eyes syndrome, ask yourself if your red peepers could be the sign of something more severe.

Red eyes look terrible, and although often not serious, can be a warning sign of other ocular conditions. Red eyes high on the list of blepharitis symptoms. Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelash follicles that is often caused by bacteria. While not a serious condition, no over the counter eyedrops will alleviate it, and careful cleaning is required to treat this condition.

Sometimes, red eye symptoms can look like something serious, but really can just be a popped blood vessel in eye conjunctiva. Because of the composition of the eye’s surface, a popped blood vessel can look like a mini massacre took place on your peeper because the white part of your eye isn’t a great fluid absorber, making these red eye symptoms a rather harmless cause.

One of the most feared red eye symptoms is conjunctivitis, or pink eye. A long feared plague of both the playground and the workplace, the pink eye contagious factor is a 10 on the “get away from me” scale.

Eye drops are useful for red eyes when caused by environmental factors or general fatigue, but rarely are eye drops useful for eye conditions beside the usual and harmless. Vasoconstrictors for instance are great for general treatment of bloodshot eyes with environmental causes, but because they work by shrinking the blood vessels in the eye. These drops are the favorite of health care providers, however, as prolonged use can actually cause scarlet colored eyes down the road.

If you are concerned about your eye condition, proper medical consultation should be your first priority. With how contagious pink eye is, and other potentially serious eye diseases, any concern regarding the health of your eyes should be evaluated by a physician. Once you have determined the source of your condition, proper home care as recommended should alleviate the majority of symptoms. Your eyes are what let you see the world, why risk their health if you are unsure?