Red Yeast Rice Benefits For Heart, Diabetes and Digestion

Red Yeast Rice BenefitsMost studies showing red yeast rice benefits reveal that this supplement is good for lowering cholesterol. It is a lesser known fact that red yeast rice exact is also excellent for the heart, digestive system and diabetes management. In many cases, diabetics are predisposed to having high blood pressure and cholesterol. Red yeast rice supplements can also reduce protein levels, which is beneficial for those with kidney disorders.

Red yeast rice benefits the digestive system because it has a large amount of easily digestible fiber. When consumed with a high fiber diet, one possible side effect is loose stools. Try to limit your intake of grains and green leafy vegetables for a few days if you experience diarrhea like symptoms.

When choosing to utilize natural remedies for high cholesterol, make sure that they will not interfere with doctor prescribed medications. Because heightened cholesterol levels impact the heart, improved cardiovascular health is another one of the many red yeast rice benefits. A key ingredient in red yeast rice, lovastatin, is attributed to both heart health and lower cholesterol levels. This is why you need to scrutinize the label on your supplements before making a purchase and embarking on a new regime.

Red yeast rice cholesterol lowering qualities have been scientifically proven, but less is known about how this supplement impacts diabetics. Because a large portion of diabetics also happen to be overweight, it is thought that they are better able to manage their blood sugar levels with the use of red yeast rice. Simply by losing weight, taking supplements and exercising, blood glucose levels will drop. The same red yeast rice side effects relating to a lower risk of heart disease are a direct byproduct of weight management.

Red yeast rice benefits many vital systems in the human body, but it appears that cholesterol management is its number one function. You can get this natural remedy through both supplement and natural food sources, but lovastatin is most readily found in pill form. Lovastatin is also available as a prescription medication that is commonly used to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.