Red Yeast Rice Dosage Recommendation – How Much Is Enough?

Red Yeast Rice DosageAccording to experts, all users should begin with a red yeast rice dosage not to exceed 600 mg of the supplement per day. This dose is specifically recommended for those that are looking to learn how to lower cholesterol naturally. Although this natural cure can be used to manage cholesterol, it also serves other purposes. Because certain forms contain statin, it is important that you do not exceed the recommended dose.

After taking a red yeast rice dosage of 600 mg daily for a few weeks, you can start to increase your intake. Around 800 mg per day is a safe number to start with. Eventually, you may take up to 1,200 mg of the red yeast rice supplement with no ill effects. At no time should any individual take more than this. Once you exceed 1,200 mg, red yeast rice benefits are outweighed by the risk of developing negative side effects.

It should take no more than 60 days of taking the maximum red yeast rice dosage for you to notice a difference in your cholesterol levels. Note that red yeast rice cholesterol management has been somewhat regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Some manufacturers recommended users to take a dose higher than 1,200 mg, which could lead to medical complications. As a result, numerous individuals were hospitalized.

Technically, this supplement is a statin. Normally, statins are only available by prescription. Just as you would never take too much of a prescription drug, you should not take a higher red yeast rice dosage than you need. Some people might not even need to take 600 mg per day because their cholesterol levels are not that high. Others may be taking red yeast rice in conjunction with another cholesterol lowering natural remedy.

Never guess about supplement dosages. Even though holistic cures and disorder remedies are largely deemed to be safe, remember that they are made up of ingredients that cause chemical reactions within the body. Check to see if you have been prescribed drugs that may interfere with red yeast rice and safely continue on with your journey toward finally managing high cholesterol.