Relief for Constipation in Pregnancy

Relief for ConstipationWhile there are many joys of pregnancy, there are also many things that may not be so joyous. One of the less the joyful aspects of pregnancy may be constipation. While there is a lot of remedies that may help in the relief of constipation, you have to be more careful when you are pregnant. In your search for relief of constipation, you don’t want to do anything that may hurt the fetus.

In your search of relief for constipation, you will want to be sure you are eating healthy foods. This is important for both you and your baby. You want to be sure you eat foods high in fiber as well as keeping properly hydrated.

There are many foods and diets that may help in the relief of constipation. One of these diets is the grapefruit diet. This diet is used for those that want to lose weight as well as lower their cholesterol or for other medical conditions. Grapefruit is not only high in fiber but vitamin C as well. It’s very healthy for you and your baby. As with any diet, you want to consult your physician.

There are many natural remedies for constipation that you may want to consider. The best remedies to use during pregnancy are to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink at least eight glasses of fluids a day, and get plenty of exercise. You may want to try to do some squats as part of your exercise routine. This will help to relax your colon, therefore allowing you to have an easier bowel movement, therefore giving you some relief for constipation. You may also want to stay away from so-called herbal supplements that promise relief for constipation. While it may be ok to the average person, it may not be safe for a woman who is pregnant.

Unless you have gotten the okay from your doctor or midwife, you should probably stay away from fast acting laxatives for relief for constipation. You don’t want to do anything that would jeopardize the health and safety of your unborn baby.