Removable Orthodontic Appliances Pros and Cons

Removable Orthodontic AppliancesWhen it comes to teeth straightening, there are various dental appliances from which to choose. There are the standard metal braces which are often used for children. For the wearer of braces out to keep a lower profile, invisalign invisible braces which are more in demand for the older clients, are the popular choice. These types of orthodontic braces bring the cost of straightening teeth for adults a bit higher than the average types of braces. Although free orthodontic treatment would be a welcomed gift to anyone, such a scenario is rare, which is why choosing the right appliance for your budget and needs is important. One of the choices of orthodontic braces is the removable orthodontic appliances. As with any health or dental treatment, there are pros and cons to using removable orthodontic appliances for straightening teeth.

When it comes to the positive side of wearing removable orthodontic appliances, there are a few important facts to consider. To begin with, there is less chance of tooth decay and gum disease since dental hygiene is more efficiently achieved with removable orthodontic appliances. There won’t be any inner mouth sores due to poking wires and brackets. Although invisible, invisalign braces can be removed for special occasions. Cross bites are more effectively corrected. Whitening processes can still be done while using removable orthodontic appliances. The length of treatment is often less than standard braces.

As for the negative aspect of removable braces, there are some points worth pondering before going this route of treatment. The cost of braces for adults is generally more expensive since the cost of invisible braces is a bit pricier. Since these braces are removable, it leaves more room for a forgetful patient to wear them on a daily basis. Removable braces are not always the best choice for some dental conditions such as overcrowded teeth or the presence of an under-bite. The orthodontist would best know the right choice of orthodontic appliances.