Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes Fast: Myths and Facts

Removing Dark Circles Under EyesFrom the physiological and anatomical perspective, dark circles under eyes are caused by stagnant blood circulation in the area underneath the eyes. Due to the lack of oxygen and poor blood circulation, the blood vessels under the eyes become especially prominent. Among other factors of dark circles under eyes is darker than normal skin color that was inherited from your ancestors, or especially light facial color and thin skin that makes blood vessels shine through. Bottom line, not all dark circles under eyes are created the same, therefore the approach to removing dark circles under eyes should depend on the actual causes.

There is a myriad of facial creams and lotions on stores’ shelves promising great prospects of getting rid of dark circles under eyes, but do they actually work and are you willing to spend your hard-earned dollars on a myth that might not work? Some home remedies for dark circles under eyes, on the other hand, had been tested for generations and cost just a fraction of a fancy under-eye cream. In fact, even the best home remedy will provide just temporary relief by improving blood circulation and will not help if you have naturally darker skin around eyes. For example, if you try removing dark circles under eyes using natural vegetable or herbal solutions for advanced cases of sun damaged under eye circles, it might not work and you might need to resort to a laser or photo facial rejuvenation to literally erase the years of sun exposure off your skin.

In our search for a natural solution of removing dark circles under eyes, we need to remain realistic and understand what actually caused our unsightly condition. An experienced dermatologist might help you identify causes of your puffiness and discoloration under eyes and find the right method of removing dark circles under eyes. Bags under eyes surgery combined with laser skin rejuvenation might be necessary for advanced cases of droopy and pigmented skin surrounding eyes.