Restless Leg Syndrome Causes – Bad Habits, Hormones or Drugs To Blame?

Restless Leg Syndrome CausesHave you ever wondered what causes restless leg syndrome? Some restless leg syndrome causes are related to prescription medications while others actually caused by other diseases. If you have Parkinson’s, kidney disease or are pregnant you are more likely to develop RLS. Although most restless leg syndrome causes are not genetic, there are doctors that believe that patients can actually pass on RLS to the children and grandchildren.

Because RLS has only become well known in the last few years, there are plenty of misconceptions about this illness. You do not need to take any medication to alleviate symptoms because there are plenty of restless leg syndrome home remedies available. RLS is not caused by exercising excessively, but overexerting yourself can make symptoms worse.

There are no studies that suggest that restless leg syndrome causes are related to bad sleeping habits. While RLS can, and regularly does cause patients to have disruptive sleeping patterns, you cannot develop this disorder because you do not sleep regularly. You can choose to use a restless leg syndrome natural treatment if you are not fond of the side effects of the drugs used to treat RLS.

It is a fact that some drugs can cause the symptoms of restless leg syndrome to become far worse over time. If you are not able to stop taking your medications because they help to manage serious illnesses, you may be able to ask your doctor to change your dosages. You definitely should not stop taking a required drug just because you believe that it is making your disease worse.

Because there are so many restless leg syndrome causes, your physician may not be able to pinpoint a reason. You may have relatives that have this disorder and are just not aware of it, or you may have several of the diseases that are believed to cause RLS. Even if you never find the exact cause, you will still have no trouble finding a great treatment plan.

RLS may be caused by a hormonal imbalance in the brain, but medical evidence supporting this has not been proven without a shadow of a doubt. It is more likely that patients have issues with nerves in the legs that cause them to movement uncontrollably.