Retinol Side Effects on Eyes, Liver and Pregnancy

Retinol Side EffectsUnder normal circumstances, retinol side effects are only realized when a person overdoses on vitamin A. It should be noted that you can overdose on foods that have vitamin A just as easily as you can on creams or other products. Taking too much retinol can have a negative impact on the liver, the eyes and it can also be detrimental to pregnant. Read up on retinol side effects and control your vitamin A intake to avoid these dangerous complications.

The most noticeable of all retinol side effects occurs on the surface of the skin. Retinol products such as Retin-A can cause users to develop dry, cracked or blotchy patches of skin. If used on the face, it can also cause the skin around your eyes to swell, impacting vision. Generally, retinol cream side effects do not include the liver.

It is not recommended that pregnant women take vitamin A supplements because of how readily retinol is absorbed by both the liver and placenta. In other words, a pregnant woman could accidentally overdose on vitamin A even if she were only to take the recommended dosage. Because of the potential and unknown affects on unborn babies, excess vitamin A should be avoided by women who are pregnant or lactating.

Retinol side effects on the liver can lead to or complicate liver disease. Those with hepatitis and other liver disorders also need to be cautious of the amount of vitamin A they intake. This is the main reason that vitamin A retinol dosages should always be followed exactly as recommended by your doctor.

While normal doses of retinol are completely safe and even beneficial to the human body, people with sensitive skin, liver disorders and pregnant women have to be very mindful. In addition to supplements, there are also foods that have potentially dangerous concentrations of this vitamin.

You can avoid the side effects of vitamin A overdose with ease by keeping a diary of the foods that you eat, and read the list of ingredients on all of your health and beauty products. Just remember that you don’t need to avoid this beneficial vitamin altogether.