Reverse Gum Disease – Medical vs. Natural Methods

Reverse Gum DiseaseGum disease symptoms include bleeding of the gums when brushing, sores in the mouth, teeth loosening, and gum recession. Gum disease symptoms differ from tooth decay symptoms in some way, but similar in others like bad breath for instance. In either case of gum disease or tooth decay, a halitosis cure is sought after for a fresher breath. Gum disease comes in three primary stages. If detected early enough, reverse gum disease is a great possibility whether by means of natural methods or medically performed.

Medical methods to reverse gum disease include professional dental cleaning including the removal of built up tartar and plaque which is hardened, only to be removed by a professional. A deeper cleaning used as a reverse gum disease method is called scaling and root planning which involves scraping areas on the tooth roots, even under the gum line. This procedure is done with a local anesthetic. Surgical procedures include flap surgery, or pocket reduction surgery. In this procedure, gums are lifted back for removal of tartar. Gums are replaced to fit tightly around the teeth to prevent bacteria buildup. Other, more involved surgeries include bone grafts, soft tissue grafts, and guided tissue regeneration. With attention to symptoms of gum disease, there are many procedures which are considered to medically reverse gum disease.

Many people choose to take the natural route to reverse gum disease if detected in its earlier stages. With this method of treatment, teeth are to be brushed twice daily. After every meal, antibacterial mouthwash should be used to remove lingering bacteria left behind. Gum disease originates from food particles on the teeth. Flour and sugar products produce more bacteria than most other foods, so diet is important. Foods high in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals should be consumed for the battle against bacteria buildup. Vitamin C and calcium are particularly suggested for their potential of fighting gum disease and healing the gums.

Kicking the tobacco habit is highly advised. The benefits of giving up smoking not only improve the quality of health, staying away from tobacco products will prevent bad breath and the harboring of bacteria in the mouth that causes gum disease.