Reverse Tooth Decay – Is It Possible?

Reverse Tooth DecayTooth decay symptoms, whether mild or advanced, will begin for various reasons and transpire in different ways. A cavity may need a simple filling. Severe tooth decay would involve a root canal, crown, or extraction. There are suggested methods to reverse tooth decay. Preventative dental care beginning at home and with the help of a dentist would greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay problems. A wisdom tooth extraction may prevent future dental problems since bacteria tends to harbor itself on a wisdom tooth. To prevent baby bottle tooth decay, refrain from letting a baby go to sleep with a bottle as milk or juices will evolve to an acidic tooth decaying substance.

Some studies have shown that teeth have a chance of being remineralized and reverse tooth decay can be accomplished by a few simple measures. Brushing at least twice daily with a soft brush and flossing every day is the start to reverse tooth decay. Rinsing with salt water a few times a week keeps the gums in good shape and helps to disinfect the mouth by zapping any lingering bacteria. When signs of tooth decay are noticed try to avoid drinking cola beverages since the phosphoric acid in cola will eat your teeth away. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is suggested when attempting to reverse tooth decay. Finally, it is a known fact the fluoride will reverse tooth decay in its early stages and also prevent decay as well. Some source of fluoride should be used as a method of reverse tooth decay.

No matter what, there are some people prone to suffer from dental issues more than others, depending on diet, lifestyle, hygiene, and more. Taking reverse tooth decay measures along with preventative care will rebuild strength in the teeth which prevents cavities, stained teeth, oral surgery and a plenty of unnecessary pain.