Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist – How to Chose the Right One?

Revision Rhinoplasty SpecialistHave you experienced a rhinoplasty gone wrong situation and looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeons to help you correct a botched up nose job? This article will guide you through the most important set of criteria necessary to choose the right revision rhinoplasty specialist.

A lot of patients considering cheap rhinoplasty in exotic locations because of a low cost of a nose job are likely to be very disappointed about their plastic surgery results or might experience significant rhinoplasty swelling or infection.

On average 25% of rhinoplasty patients remain unhappy following their initial nasal surgery and strive for perfection a revision rhinoplasty specialist might bring. Even celebrities sometimes fall victims to bad rhinoplasty specialists without proper knowledge of facial anatomy or following patient’s unrealistic rhinoplasty expectations.

Revision rhinoplasty specialist makes his goal to correct the mistakes of a previous nose job which did not meet patient’s expectations or resulted in significant nasal disfigurements. Revision rhinoplasty in itself is rather challenging because a surgeon is initially limited by overly corrected nasal bones and cartilage that do not tolerate multiple invasions very well and might result in a full nose collapse.

Choosing the best revision rhinoplasty specialist is not a simple task since this type of surgeon must have extensive training not only in rhinoplasty procedures but also possess strong knowledge of otolaryngology surgery to ensure good nasal breathing post surgery.

No revision rhinoplasty specialist can guarantee you are going to be satisfied with the second nose surgery results since some cosmetic surgery expectations are simply unattainable with your type of nasal bones and cartilage.

Pick a revision rhinoplasty specialist who is board certified, with extensive otolaryngology training and experience necessary to help you achieve a perfect looking nose.