Rhinoplasty Cost – When Does Insurance Cover It?

Rhinoplasty CostRhinoplasty cosmetic surgery is most often a patient’s choice to transform his or her nasal appearance. The cost of a nose job does not come cheap when it comes to trusting the best rhinoplasty surgeons to alter one’s visual appearance. In fact, there are times that patients will travel to neighboring countries where cheap rhinoplasty may be offered. Rhinoplasty surgery is not solely a cosmetic choice of procedures. Very often, a patient will suffer from breathing problems due to the nasal structure. Also, rhinoplasty is done for a patient who has suffered a broken nose because of some type of accident.

If rhinoplasty for you is a cosmetic choice for appearances only, it is rare that an insurance company would cover the rhinoplasty cost and post surgical follow-up visits. Also involved in the surgery are anesthesia expense and the cost of any possible complications which would hopefully not arise. Although it may seem doubtful that insurance would cover rhinoplasty cost, it is worth a phone call to the insurance per chance there is some coverage. Perhaps the insurance would cover at least of portion of the rhinoplasty cost. Of the numerous policies available, each is distinct in their own types of coverage.

As mentioned, there are times rhinoplasty is needed due to physical reasons rather than cosmetically desired. If there is blockage due to structure and something as simple as blowing the nose becomes difficult, or breathing difficulties are experienced, the rhinoplasty cost may very well be covered by the insurance company due to the nature of the needed surgery. If choosing to get a nose job solely for cosmetic reasons and insurance refuses to cover the rhinoplasty cost, ask the surgical group about payment plans which are often available. Find the surgeon who realizes the high expense of the procedure and is willing to set up a monthly plan of payment.