Rooster Comb Injections vs. Knee Replacement

Rooster Comb InjectionsLet us find out what are the benefits of rooster comb injections for osteoarthritis patients and how they can be a good alternative to knee replacement surgery.

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects over 20 million of Americans and is usually seen in older patients, or patients with prior knee injuries and overweight individuals. The standard medical routine for arthritis treatment includes weigh management, special exercises for arthritic knees, ice pack application and anti inflammatory prescription medications. If you do not respond to these treatments your doctor might recommend you undergo a series of rooster comb injections, or knee injections with special lubricants.

This therapy usually involves hyaluronic acid injections in the knee area intended to lubricate your knee cartilage, relieve pain and inflammation and possibly to boost your body’s own synovial fluid production. You will have to undergo anywhere from 3 to 5 rooster comb injections performed one week apart. You will most likely not see immediate results from these knee cartilage injections and it can take up to 3 weeks for you to start noticing less pain, inflammation and improved flexibility.

Rooster comb injections could become a great alternative to costly and invasive knee replacements. According to the statistical medical data rooster comb injections enabled patients to delay a knee replacement procedure for an average of 4 years. If you have a severe form of osteoarthritis, knee injections with hyaluronic acid might not be right for you due to a vast knee joint destruction process. If you have known allergies to eggs or birds, your doctor might recommend you undergo a euflexxa injections, the only knee lubricant that is not made from a bird source.

If you are thinking of getting a knee replacement surgery, ask your doctor if the rooster comb injections therapy is right for you, which could become a great alternative to costly knee surgery and provide a great pain relief and more freedom of movement for you. In addition to surgical procedures and knee injections you may consider to try Elations joint drink that may help to stabilize joint functions in your knees.