Rubber Band Ligation – What to Expect from This Treatment?

Rubber Band LigationIf you are considering rubber band ligation you may wonder what to expect with this treatment, and knowing these facts will help you determine whether you want to choose this option or another for your thrombosed hemorrhoids and other problems. This is just one of several options that you can use to treat hemorrhoids, and this technique has both advantages and drawbacks. In this procedure your doctor will tie off your hemorrhoids at their base using a rubber band, so there is no blood flow to the tissue. This helps shrink hemorrhoids, and eventually the tissue dies and falls off, leaving a scar.

If you are going to have rubber band ligation you will not usually need to be admitted to the hospital. Instead this procedure will be done at your doctor’s office, unless you have numerous hemorrhoids that are all going to be treated at once and then you may require a general anesthesia and a hospital visit. If you have a single prolapsed hemorrhoid or just a few that need treatment you will not need general anesthesia and it will be done in the office of your physician. You will be asked to disrobe and lie down on the table, and then an anoscope is inserted into your anus so the doctor can perform the procedure.

There is no laser involved in rubber band ligation like there is in hemorrhoid laser surgery, and there is less discomfort involved afterwards. Once the anuscope is inserted the doctor will grab the hemorrhoid and put a rubber band around the base of it. After the doctor is done with the procedure you will be asked about your comfort level, and if you have pain the doctor may put a numbing shot into the hemorrhoid tissue to eliminate the pain and discomfort. Within a week the dead tissue will fall off because of the rubber band ligation, and your hemorrhoids will be gone. This treatment does not work in all cases though, and other treatment options may be a better choice in some cases.