Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – Medication, Exercises or Chiropractor?

Sciatic Nerve Pain ReliefIf you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, you are probably doing little else than thinking nonstop about how to make it go away. Because of how intense the pain may be, you may think that sciatic nerve pain relief can only come in the form of a pill; however you may be surprised to find that many of the best ways to get sciatic nerve pain relief don’t involve medicine at all.

Consider how specifically you came to have this horrendous pain in the first place when determining the best way for you to get sciatic nerve pain relief. Are you pregnant? Well in that case you have very limited options. You’re probably going to just have to wait it out, the baby will move around soon enough which will likely bring instant relief. Did you injure yourself? Most minor injuries to the sciatic nerve result in some inflammation or a pinched sciatic nerve that can cause painful symptoms. This can often be remedied with rest and some sciatic nerve stretches or exercises. Is it possible that you have some underlying back problems? Do you find yourself consistently hankering for lower back pain relief? Well, then you might be experiencing the effects of a bulging disc that is putting pressure on your sciatic nerve which can lead to painful symptoms. The majority of these acute issues are remedied with home care including resting, gentle exercises or stretches, anti inflammatory pain reliever and occasionally, off and on use of a heating pad.

In some instances, your sciatic nerve pain relief is best handled by your health care provider or a chiropractor, depending on the cause. Typically this occurs when you have repetitive issues with the sciatic nerve that are unresolved with home treatment. For instance, if you have chronic pain due to back problems, you may find a chiropractor most useful. This practitioner will help make you feel better and can perhaps offer suggestions for stretches for lower back pain relief that you can practice at home in between visits. There are some cases however when it’s best to see a doctor. He or she can investigate the cause of your problem which is the first step to sciatica pain relief. In some cases, frequent occurrences can be due to physical problems such as a tumor, or other conditions where attaining sciatic nerve pain relief requires the use of steroids or prescription pain relievers, both of which can only come from your doctor.

The best rule of thumb to go by when determining how to best get sciatic nerve pain relief is to try to determine where it’s coming from and evaluate the frequency of recurrences. If you have an acute case that you can trace back to a mild injury or overexertion, then home care is probably suitable. If you have long term back trouble resulting from athletic competition or an occupation, then you may want to consider seeing a chiropractor or you family physician. If you have frequent sciatic troubles that you cannot determine the source of, it’s probably best to see your doctor to rule out any sinister causes.