Sciatic Nerve Pain – What To Do When Sciatica Strikes?

Sciatic Nerve PainThe sciatic nerve is a nerve in the body that runs from the spinal cord down the leg and all the way down to the ankle. Occasionally, irritation of this nerve can occur and can actually cause some rather excruciating pain, or even a loss of movement in the affected leg. There are many causes of sciatic nerve pain including that caused from pregnancy and the growing baby repositioning itself in a way that puts pressure on the nerve, a bulging disc in the back that can be responsible for sciatica back pain, and also a narrowing of the spinal cord canal or similarly, spinal cord compression, both of which can result in a rather painful pinched sciatic nerve. Regardless of the cause, treatment is often similar (except in the case of pregnancy where the only acceptable sciatic nerve treatment is to wait until the baby decides to move!)

Unfortunately one of the best treatments for sciatic nerve pain is to wait it out. Often it will dissipate with time. You may be uncomfortable during your wait it out period, however you may find more often than not that within a couple of hours, most of your sciatic nerve pain has subsided. You may also try a heating pad for periods of 15 to 20 minutes at a time and also try alternating between lying down and resting and walking if you are able to try to hurry the process of reducing your sciatic nerve pain along. You may find that NSAIDs are able to bring some relief and their ability to provide sciatic nerve pain relief is most likely due to their anti inflammatory properties. If your home treatment is proving ineffective or your sciatic nerve pain is long lasting, or recurring, you will likely need to see a doctor for more specialized care. He or she may decide that you should have physical therapy where you will do sciatic nerve exercises and other physical activities that can help relieve your sciatic nerve pain. Additionally, he or she may also prescribe medications depending on the cause of your condition.

In most cases however, sciatic nerve pain is acute and will remedy itself with a little home intervention. It’s frequently caused by an injury, overuse or other incident that can cause pain within the sciatic nerve. There are some maladies such as tumors that can also cause issues with the sciatic nerve, so if you find that you are having issues with this painful condition more frequently than you think is normal, or, you cannot think of any type of physical activity or exertion that could be responsible for your sciatic nerve pain, then it’s probably best to consult with your health care provider for an evaluation to ensure that there is no sinister process occurring within your body.