Senna Laxative Dosage – How Much To Take Without Harm?

Senna LaxativeIf you’re feeling backed up, there are few products as effective as senna. In fact, doctors and hospitals sometimes will use a senna laxative to prep surgery patients to effectively clean out the intestines. This fact alone should clue you into how potent of a log unclogger it truly is, however, if you still have doubt, we have a few other reasons why the recommended dosage is all you should be taking when using this fast acting laxative.

Did you know that your body can actually get used to using a senna laxative making it dependent upon the use of it? Over time, frequent use and excessive use can confuse your colon, rendering it unable to manufacture the brown stuff on its own without the use of a senna laxative. Heart trouble has also been reported in people who use too much of this popular remedy. In addition, the usual laxatives side effects that one can expect such as nausea, cramping and even vomiting can be seriously exacerbated with overuse of this product and the intensity of these can serve as a helpful warning sign that you have potentially used more senna laxative than you should have. Additionally, while there are many forms of this product available, some think they can avoid an overdose effect by using senna leaf tea instead of taking a pill, however overuse of the brewed beverage can yield some of the same effects.

So how much senna laxative should you use? Well, that really depends on many factors such as your age, your weight, and your overall health. For starters, you should never use senna for a bowel obstruction. This can be a medical emergency that needs professional evaluation, not tea or pills.

You should always follow the package instructions exactly and never use more product than is suggested on the label. A typical dose for adults without kidney or liver impairment is between 8.5 and 9 mg between 2 and 4 times per day. Dosage instructions for liquid formulations and bowel preparations are different, and so you should carefully read and intensely follow the label of the product you have selected. A little bit of medical advice goes a long way with use of a senna laxative as well, and a quick call to your doctor’s office regarding dosage and duration of use will go a long way to help you ensure quick and safe relief from your bowel blunders. Consider supplementing your medicine with natural remedies for constipation such as additional water and fiber intake and perhaps some exercise, all lifestyle changes that will go a long way to help you beat the back up.