Severe Sinus Infection Relief – What To Use?

Severe Sinus InfectionA severe sinus infection typically starts with inflammation. Your sinuses are normally filled with nothing more than air, however once they become inflamed and swollen, they can become filled with all sorts of nastiness including bacteria, germs and fungi. A bacterial sinus infection is one of the most common forms of this malady, and the symptoms can be intense and severe. For instance, you may experience sinus drainage, extreme headaches and a stuffy and runny nose all as components of a severe sinus infection. Treating this condition will largely depend on the source of infection as there are differences between treating a bacterial and fungal sinus infection.

Antibiotics are the first course of treatment for the bacterial version of this infection; however they will be largely ineffective if you are experiencing symptoms resulting from fungus. Unfortunately, the likely way that you will figure this out is by taking antibiotics for sinus infection symptoms and realizing that they’re ineffective. Fortunately, regardless of what type you are suffering from you rarely have to worry about a sinus infection contagious period. However, if your ailment is caused by a virus, that virus that caused your condition can very well be passed from person to person whether you’re on antibiotics or not, so err on the side of caution and practice good hygiene measures if you are suffering from a severe sinus infection.

You will likely find that home care is the most useful combatant against a severe sinus infection starting with adequate rest and hydration, two of the most important elements to hastening recovery from an illness. You may find that you get a lot of relief from using over the counter remedies for nasal symptoms and headache symptoms and with so many options available, it may unfortunately be trial and error. Some products relieve congestion and nose maladies whereas others are combination products that treat symptoms you may not have with your severe sinus infection such as a cough. Products like Afrin are ideal for spot treatment of nasal symptoms, however use sparingly and for short periods to avoid the risks of dependency. Tylenol, Advil and other pain relievers can help soothe the headaches associated with a severe sinus infection, however one of the best all around products is Sudafed. When considering Sudafed however, you may want to discuss the more potent “behind the counter yet over the counter” version to see if he or she thinks that it might be better suited to your symptoms.

Regardless of which products you choose for your severe sinus infection, anytime your symptoms persist or are unresponsive to home care and medicines, it’s worthwhile to schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure that you don’t have an infection that needs treated with antibiotics.