Side Effects of Too Much Estrogen

Too Much EstrogenToo much estrogen can have a number of side effects, and if you suffer from these problems you may want to determine if you have an imbalance with your hormones. One side effect is low progesterone levels, which can also cause both mental and physical problems and changes.

If you have too much estrogen then you may notice problems with your breasts becoming tender and growing larger, and this can occur in both sexes. Men who have high levels of estrogen may start to go through male menopause as well, and notice a decrease in sex drive and libido. You may also notice a weight gain, regardless of whether you are male or female. Water retention is another common side effect.

A female hormone imbalance can cause many changes, and as a result of hormone replacement therapy or other natural causes your estrogen levels can become too high. You may notice a lack of appetite, and you may feel nauseous at times. If you are a woman you may notice swelling in your lower extremities, and you may feel bloated and suffer from abdominal cramps and pains. These are all side effects of too much estrogen.

The opposite problem of too much estrogen is not enough. This condition is usually called estrogen deficiency, and in this case your body is not making enough of this crucial hormone instead of producing too much. Ironically, both conditions have many of the same side effects. Menstrual changes and problems are frequently a side effect of an imbalance between hormones, and missed or heavy periods are common.

Estrogen dominance is not normally a severe or fatal problem, but this medical condition can have side effects that profoundly affect your life and well being, and can cause serious medical problems. In some cases too much estrogen in your body can lead to blood clots or other life threatening complications. Clots can cause you to have a stroke, heart attack, and other complications which can cause death in some cases.