Sinus Infection Contagious: Myths and Facts

Sinus Infection ContagiousWith all of the illnesses such as the flu and cold, if you have a sinus infection you may wonder; is sinus infection contagious? There are several types of sinus infections. There is the bacterial sinus infection which is caused by bacteria getting into the sinus cavities. There is also fungal sinus infections, while rarely are caused by fungi. There is also the most common sinus infection known as the viral sinus infection. This is usually brought on by a virus that escalates into a sinus infection.

Below are a couple of myths and facts of sinus infection contagious cases. Maybe this will help to put your mind at ease about your sinus infection case.

Myth 1: Sinus infection is contagious.

Fact 1: Sinus infections are not contagious although you may get a cold from someone that may lead to a sinus infection. There has been no evidence of sinus infection contagious cases.

Myth 2: Green or yellow runny nose means you have a sinus infection.

Fact 2: This is generally not true. If your green-yellow runny nose continues for ten days or more, you may have a sinus infection. By the same token, you may have another type of infection. This is why is you have a green or yellow runny nose for a long length of time; you will want to see a physician.

Myth 3: For every sinus infection contagious case you need antibiotics.

Fact 3: This is not true. If you have a fungal sinus infection, antibiotics will not work. Also if your sinus infection is caused by allergies, you may experience some relief from the symptoms, but the infection will not dissipate.

The best treatment for most sinus infections is antibiotics. Most times, the physician will prescribe penicillin. You may have an acute sinus infection which is an infection that may occur suddenly. You may also have a chronic sinus infection. This is an infection that occurs off and on for a long period of time. If you have an infection of the chronic variety, your physician may suggest another chronic sinus infection treatment.

Because sinus infections are usually caused by colds, it’s a good idea to be aware of sinus infections signs and symptoms. Some of these include mucus dripping down your throat. This will cause a sore throat. You will have pain around the inner corner of one or both eyes as well as below one side of the mouth. You may also experience some tooth pain.

If you notice these symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible so that you may begin your treatment.