Sinus Infections Signs and Symptoms

Sinus Infections Signs and SymptomsSinus infections signs and symptoms have a strong correlation with which sinus cavities are affected. There are four pairs of sinus cavities inside a human skull, ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses are located right behind the eyes, frontal is in your forehead area, and maxillary is situated on both sides of your nose. Sinus infections are categorized into acute and chronic depending on whether they are a one time occurrence or a recurring condition that lasts longer than 12 weeks.

Most common sinus infections signs and symptoms are pulsating pressure pain points around sinuses, sinus headache, strong nasal drainage that is yellowish-greenish in color, post nasal drip, fever, radiating tooth ache, strong congestion and increase in the pain level with movements.

There are limitless options of home remedies for sinus infection that utilize natural ingredients that are safe and effective for post nasal drip treatment, relieving congestion and opening up sinuses for better drainage. The most ancient Ayurvedic treatment for addressing common sinus infections signs and symptoms is a nasal flush that yogis perform daily to cleanse their sinuses of dust and debris and reduce chances of getting a cold or flu using table salt and water. Since we are not yogi, we can use the same concept but with the help of a special ceramic pot sold at any natural foods store that neutralizes congestion and inflammation of the sinuses and facilitates nasal drainage.

Other natural home remedies for sinus infection implement natural herbal oils that can be added into bath water or sprayed in the shower stalls to provide one of the best sinus infections signs and symptoms reliefs. Check out our other articles on natural ways to treat your acute or chronic sinus problems.

Nasal polyps treatment might be necessary if you have a vast history of recurring sinus infections and nasal polyps create obstruction for proper breathing and sinus drainage.