Skin Tag Removal Products: Top 5 Picks by Experts!

Skin Tag Removal ProductsWhile there are many different skin tag removal products on the market, not all of them are obviously labeled as such. Skin tags are usually brought on by old age, excess weight gain, diabetes or just plain irritation. Although they are usually not a danger to your health, most people find them to be somewhat unsightly. Here are five of the most popular skin tag removal products and methods recommended by medical experts.

1. Clear nail polish – Although doctors are not sure how clear polish works to get rid of skin tags, coating them in clear nail polish is highly effective in most patients. However, this skin tag removal method will not work on a cafe au lait birthmark.

2. New Skin Liquid Bandage – Some skin tag removal products such as New Skin Liquid Bandage may take longer to work, but they also remove excess skin growths.

3. Scissors – Believe it or not, but a trusty pair of scissors that have been properly sterilized can be used to simply snip your skin tag off. Please note that this removal method can be painful and cause persistent bleeding if the proper level of care is not taken.

4. Dermatend – Sometimes used for birthmark removal, Dermatend is highly reliable. This is one of many skin tag removal products that have been trusted for years by dermatologists and patients alike. Dermatend mole removal and skin tag eradication is one of the most popular reasons for the purchase of this product.

5. Compound W – Compound W is normally used to clear up warts, but it also works on excess skin tag growths. You will need to follow the directions listed on the package of Compound W to get it to work, but most users are able to solve their issues in under a week.

There are likely other ways for you to clear up excess skin growths, but they have not formally been vetted by trusted health practitioners. With that in mind, it would probably be best to use one of the methods listed below as you will probably get the best results both safely and effectively.