Small Rash On Legs in Children – What Might That Be?

Rash On LegsWhen children are small, we worry about everything. Is the bottle warm enough? Is the diaper too tight? Are they too hot or too cold? This worry is only compounded when we see a visible anomaly in the form of itchy bumps on legs marring the skin of our helpless offspring. So what are some common causes of rashes in children? What are uncommon causes of rashes in children? Baby offers a very handy visual guide in helping you determine the probably cause for rash on legs of your children.

If your child is of toddling age, then their rash on legs may be nothing more than an insect bite rash. Children seem to lack the same “ew” factor we possess when faced with creepy crawlies and may think nothing of a little beastie crawling across their leg.

If you haven’t accidentally left your little one on an ant hill, then maybe you need to head to the laundry room. Did you recently change laundry detergent or dryer sheets? To someone with an allergy to a certain product, a clean pair of shorts can cause a rash on legs and torso regions.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease common in preschool age children is another quite possible reason for getting blisters and rash on legs, arms and even inside mouth. This viral condition is extremely contagious and is spread through direct contact and sharing food or objects. The sores usually go away by themselves and do not require any particular treatment.

Ringworm can cause an appearance of rash on legs in the forms of small rings around legs and virtually anywhere in the body. Triggered by tiny fungal organisms, the disease has many forms and can also affect children’s feet causing what is known as athlete’s foot disease. Blisters, peeling of the skin and painful cracks are just some of the symptoms of fungal infection. Antifungal ointments are usually used to treat this condition.

What’s the last part of the baby or little one that we sun block if at all? Their legs. If your tiny nugget has been in the sun a wee bit longer than appropriate and their non-sun block slathered legs have been over exposed, the result may be red itchy bumps on skin. Additionally, overdressing your young one can also causes rashes, thankfully this resolves on its own and is a very common baby skin rash. However one cannot forget the most common of all baby rashes, diaper rash. Diaper rash can cause a rash all around the area encased by a diaper and surrounding areas, sometimes causing a rash on legs and buttocks.

There are many common things that can cause a rash on legs of children, but some causes can be serious and even life threatening. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, spread by tick bites, for instance causes a rash in most patients. This rash is accompanied but high fever. If your child has a rash and a fever, it is important that your child see a physician. If you have any concern whatsoever about a rash on your child, it is important to call your physician. Remember, rashes are uncomfortable, but if they stem from a common source, they are manageable and it is possible to keep your little one comfortable. Use this Baby Center symptoms guide to figure out the clues to your kids’ rash on legs.