Spider Vein Cream Review

Spider Vein CreamWhen spider veins become a problem and you become self conscious of them, it’s time to seek help in eliminating these uninvited thread veins from the body. Whether the thin vessels are rising to the skin levels of the legs, or thread veins on face are present, finding a way to get rid of them is important to those self conscious of this visible condition.

Sclerotherapy for spider veins is one form of treatment. However, this method of injecting medication into the veins is recommended for the leg veins rather than the spider veins on the face. Another alternative is spider vein cream which can be used on thin, visible veins anywhere on the body. Spider vein cream is a topical potion which is more affordable and less painful than injections or surgical treatments. Such topical treatments consist of certain ingredients known for helping spider veins disappear. Although spider vein removal by laser treatment is known for successful results, a vein removal cream is often the treatment of choice because of convenience and cost. If creams for spider veins consist of vitamins and herbal remedies which are proven to diminish the appearance of these thin veins, they may be worth a try.

Spider vein cream most often consists of vitamin K. This vitamin is known of its potential for repairing capillaries and veins. Doctors have suggested the use of vitamin K for bruising and rosacea as well as spider veins. Another ingredient commonly included in a topical treatment for spider veins is horse chestnut. This herbal mixture has been used for several years as a treatment for all types of vein issues. Reason being, horse chestnut reduces inflammation and improves the integrity of the vein walls. While strengthening and improving the suppleness of the vein walls, minor vein and capillary leakage is repaired by the use of horse chestnut. With key ingredients such as vitamin K and horse chestnut, a cream for spider veins would seem to have positive results.