St John’s Wort Depression Treatment

St John's Wort DepressionSt John’s Wort depression treatment is not just a home remedy. Many mental health and medical professionals also recommend this herb for treating depression. Millions of individuals across the globe use this herb for better mental health because offers a natural alternative to prescription drugs with their dangerous side effects. St. John’s Wort is one of the most effective herbs for depression and it is commonly available in many stores. It is important to check the quality and strength of the herbal product used for St John’s Wort depression treatment though. Some of these products may be stronger than others.

One of the biggest St John’s Wort benefits is that this herb has a calming effect on the mind and elevates the mood of the user. It may take St John’s Wort depression treatment up to six or eight weeks to show the best results. This delay in effectiveness is also seen with prescription antidepressants. The herb must build up in your system so that there is a constant level in the body. This desired effect can takes up to two months to occur. St John’s Wort is also one of the top herbal remedies for anxiety and can treat a number of other mental disorders in addition to depression.

St John’s Wort depression treatment can give the desired results when the dosage you use is carefully calculated. The normal recommendation for this herb ranges from 300 mg per day to 1200 mg per day or even more, depending on the severity of the depression being treated. Drinking St John’s Wort tea or taking supplement capsules later in the evening can cause some individuals to experience sleep problems. If this side effect occurs then it may be better to take the herb earlier in the day. There are some rare side effects that can occur with this treatment as well as many common ones. Any symptoms that are worrisome should be discussed with your physician if you use use St John’s Wort.