Stem Cell Diabetes Cure: Myths and Facts

Stem Cell Diabetes CureWhen people think of stem cell and the research that has been done, they generally don’t think about a stem cells diabetes cure. There has been a lot of research done for cures for diabetes. Stem cell research is among them.

While there hasn’t been a whole lot of research on a stem cell diabetes cure, there have been some positive results. Below are some myths along with the facts of stem cell diabetes cure.

Myth 1: Stem cells can completely cure type I or type II diabetes.

Fact 1: Stem cells have been shown to reproduce pancreatic cells in mice. This procedure has not been perfected in humans. Thus far it has only shown positive results in mice with type 1 diabetes.

Myth 2: Stem cells from testes may cure diabetes.

Fact 2: Some research has shown promise of removing cells that would develop into sperm and after a five week scientific process; these cells would turn into insulin secreting cells, thus hopefully to cure diabetes. This is not a stem cell diabetes cure as yet.

Myth 3: Islet transplantation is a cure for diabetes.

Fact 3: While there has been a lot of progress, this is not a cure as of yet. When the islet cells are transplanted from a healthy patient into a diabetic patient, it has shown that the transplanted cells will automatically monitor blood sugar levels and help to regulate insulin. This has been a tremendous breakthrough in improving the quality of life of the diabetic patient. This can also help protect against diabetic complications such as poor eyesight. There is still much work that needs to be done.

If these myths become fact, someday soon, there may become a stem cell diabetes cure. It has been found that stem cell treatment for diabetics has been able to get some diabetic patients off their insulin. This is a very positive result. The stem cells that need to be used are the mesenchymal stem cells. These stem cells can differentiate into a variety of different cells.

Patients may ask about stem cell injections as a stem cell diabetes cure. Some of these injections are used for cancer patients. In order to qualify or be a “good” candidate, the cancer patient will have to be free of diabetes.

Another possibility of a stem cell diabetes treatment could be an autologous stem cell transplant. With this type of transplant, the patient would be their own donor. This could be beneficial as they would not have to be on a waiting list in order to receive the transplant.